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Business Development - Uncover 5 Compelling Development Tips For Your Business

Do you want to grow your business exponentially? Here's what you need to do:

1. Widen your reach. Don't be content with the number of your potential clients. Identify additional group of people who might be able to find your products and services appealing or useful without major development or design changes.

2. Keep yourself posted on the every-changing needs and demands of your customer base. Invest on research to discover new market pain/problem that can easily be converted to great product/service idea. However, make sure that your prospects are willing to spend their precious dimes on your new offerings before you go to the development and production stage.

3. Improve the quality of your products. Buyers simply love it when they get what they pay more. Continuously improve the quality of your offerings to make them more useful and more enticing to the eyes of your potential clients. You may include new features or make them more user-friendly.

4. Check on your competitors. Make it a habit to check on your competitors on a regular basis. As an entrepreneur, you need to know what these people are doing so you can easily device a plan on how you can outplay them.

5. Marketing strategy. Don't stop looking for ways on how you can effectively promote your products and services without burning your pockets. If you are operating online, I recommend that you use free but efficient online marketing tools that are guaranteed to help you capture the attention of your potential clients. These include article marketing, blogging, social media marketing, forum posting, email marketing, and ezine publishing.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Planning Your Next Business Function

If you take a look in your local paper you will always see day trips out advertised. These trips are a great way of seeing the sights and making new friends with the same interests as you. Whether going with 50 people or just 5 you can have a good time no matter what.
There are different types of trips that you can go on.
City breaks.
If there's a city that you've always wanted to see but never had the chance to do so why not go on a day trip there. You will be going on the coach with lots of others with the same interest as you. Certain tourist areas are particularly good to visit such as Cambridge, Bath or Blackpool.
Theme parks.
Going on a day trip to a theme park is great fun for all the family. When you arrive you merely agree a time with your coach or minibus driver and meet back then. That leaves you free to spend the day tiring yourself out for a nice nap on the way home.
Exhibitions are famously popular for their over priced parking fees so why not save money and go on a day trip. You can go on a day trip to almost any event including Crufts, The Baby Show, The Ideal Home Show and many more!
Theatre breaks.
These are ideal if you love the theatre. The coach arrives at a set time to collect you, you arrive with time to find a restaurant to eat at, catch a show and leisurely make your way back home whilst singing all the tunes in the play.
Seaside trips.
Sun bathing can be very tiring which is why it's so handy to have someone to drive you home! Don't forget to take your bucket and spade though. You could even squeeze a lilo in the storage compartment!
A lot of schools and local businesses organise day trips to certain large shopping malls. Going on a day trip means you can shop with a large group of friends (not the usual 4 that you can fit in a car) and you still wont have to limit your shopping to how much you can fit in the boot.
Most events such as football matches or a day at the races cater for large groups and there is no easier way of travelling than by coach. You won't want to be driving back after a few drinks!
Day trips are such a good way of seeing the country and doing different things. You will be going with like minded people who will want to be there (no more dragging the kids to places they don't want to go). It's often cheaper to take a coach hire service than driving as you save on petrol and parking fees. And last but not least you get to relax after a long day instead of tiring yourself out even more by driving home. If you want to do something different tomorrow, go on a day trip.
VIP coach hireTypes of coachesJ. Mikula is a business professional, consultant, and writer.

The Youth Football Kicking Game - More Compelling Onside Kick Data

More Data on Onside Kicks When Coaching Youth Football
Onside kicks are often the difference between average teams and good teams in youth football. They are especially important when your team is less talented than those in your league.
Why Onside Kicks?
I've been a firm believer in onside kicks for the last 11 seasons for a variety of reasons.
#1) Why put the ball in the hands of the other teams best player in space. Why do exactly what the opposing team wants you to do?
#2) In 11 seasons of using the onside kick nearly every time (until we are up by 3 scores then we kick deep) we have not had an onside kick returned for a touchdown.
#3) We have also been fairly adept at recovering onside kicks, recovering anywhere from 12%-33% of those kicks with our first team over the past 11 seasons.
Last weekend at the LA clinic a youth coach from Yorba Linda California shared with me his teams onside kick experience from last season. His age 10-11 team was down 32-6 at the half and had to kick-off to start the second half. They onside kicked and recovered, then went on to score a touchdown on the ensuing offensive drive. They repeated this same picture 3 more times in a row to pull out an amazing 34-32 win, now that's coaching.
No Better Way to Turn Games Around
There is simply no way they could have turned the game around had they not executed their onside kicks to perfection. This coach told me that like my teams, they only practiced the onside kick and they put a lot of time into perfecting it. It wasn't one of many kicks they practiced it was the ONLY kick they practiced. We do the same thing and simply don't bother spending valuable practice time on deep kicks. The only time we kick deep is when we are up by 3 scores, at that point we let anyone kick and just instruct them to kick it as hard as they can. At that point in the game we don't really care if the opponent gets good field position.
Most youth football coaches don't fully recognize the value of onside kicks and the value of denying the opposition the football. Another huge benefit is the change in momentum and psychological edge a team has over an opponent whose offense is sitting on the bench. After an onside kick recovery or two the other team often has a "defeated" attitude, you can see it in their faces and demeanor.
Game Over
In many games my personal team has scored a touchdown on the opening drive, onside kicked and scored again before our opponent has even touched the ball for a single play on offense. The game in essence is usually over at that point.
I'm always willing to give up the delta of 10-15 yards of field position for the safety of knowing the kick will not be returned for a touchdown and the 12%-35% chance my kids will recover the football. Something to consider as you ponder your special teams strategy for next season. The book covers both onside kick schemes we use as well as the coaching points etc.
Pop Warner National Championships
FYI obviously other youth football coaches are "getting it". In the 2008 Orlando Pop Warner National Championships, all four teams in the Pee Wee Division Championships onside kicked EVERY time. Not only did they onside kick, but they were simply outstanding at it. Port St Lucie Florida had the best onside kick scheme and coverage I have ever seen in youth football.
Dave Cisar
Dave is a Nike "Coach of the Year" Designate and speaks nationwide at Coaches Clinics. His book "Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan" was endorsed by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington. His personal teams using this system to date have won 94% of their games in 5 Different Leagues.
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A Video Taste of Dave's teams: Youth Football

Creating Graphics For Your Presentation

Presentation graphics have evolved from photographic slides, to overhead transparencies, to power point presentations. The flexibility of power point is such that you can create just about any type of graphic that you desire. Ironically, even though you can generate a slides simple.
The more information you try to convey on a slide, the harder it is for the audience to key in on the most important information. So keep your visual elements simple and to the point. In addition, in a professional talk, it is wise not to include sounds to introduce a new power point slide. After a few slides, the sounds become distracting, then annoying (Daniel, 2004).
There are a lot of details associated with a successful presentation. A high level of preparation is one of them. Your talk is a professional event. This means that you should you should act like a professional. The audience is expecting you to know something they don't; they are there to gain from your expertise. In addition, they want you to succeed because if you don't succeed, they will be almost as unhappy as you. They will have to sit through a boring or incoherent presentation. You are likely to be anxious about your talk. Recognizing that fact can help you deal with it; most speakers get nervous. There are ways to deal with anxiety. To begin with, make sure you breathe normally. When people are nervous, they sometimes take gulps of air, talk until the air runs out, then they take another gulp. If you find yourself doing this, finish your sentence, take a breath, and pause a moment. It might also help to have water handy.
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Adobe Photoshop Simplifies Editing Your Digital Photos

Photography in the past was considered to be an art. You need to learn all about photography before you can consider yourself as a real professional photographer and you also need to apply the things you learned as well as take really good pictures. In the past, photographers learned about focal length, exposure value, film speed, shutter speeds and other photography stuff. Also, you need to use an old adjustable film camera as well as a light meter in order for you to know what kind of light settings you are in.
Also, in the past, you will need to learn how to develop films in to photos. Some people even converted their basements in to makeshift dark rooms while others just settled for the toilet.
Today, photography is still considered as an art but it's really much simpler now. With digital cameras, you will see that photography is now about point, shoot, upload and print. You don't even need dark rooms anymore as the photos are now stored as digital format which you can readily upload to your computer and print in your printer.
Editing photos today are also much simpler than it was before. Today, all you need is a special software program called Adobe Photoshop. Most professional photographers use Adobe Photoshop to edit and enhance the pictures they take. The great thing about this particular software is the tools available which can help you manipulate photos. For example, if you took a picture in poor lighting condition, you can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, color intensity and other factors and make it look like you took the picture in a perfect environment with the best lighting condition possible.
Adobe Photoshop is also filled with other features that can make your photos look like it was taken by a professional. If you do headshots of your friends or family, then you will be able to make them look much more beautiful. Even if they don't have any make up on, you will be able to make them look like they wore make up with Adobe Photoshop. You can even remove facial imperfections, such as pimples and scars.
In fact, Adobe Photoshop has tools that will even make someone obese look like a supermodel. Of course, everyone wants to look younger. With Adobe Photoshop, you can make wrinkles and other age marks disappear. This is how powerful Adobe Photoshop is.
The red-eye phenomenon is another problem that many photographers, professional and amateurs alike, are facing. Even with the latest red-eye reduction features of the latest digital cameras, red-eye will still appear in some of the photographs. Adobe Photoshop has red-eye detection tools, which will detect and eliminate the red-eye.
Also, you need to remember that there are quite a lot of photos out there that didn't stand up to the test of time, especially very old photos. If there are damages, such as tears, water stains, and fading, you will be able to repair these damages on the old photos and make them look as if it was taken and developed yesterday. You will need a scanner for this job.
Adobe Photoshop is also filled with great effects tools that will be able to convert black and white photos in to colored photos and vice versa. As you can see, Adobe Photoshop is indeed a great software program that you should definitely have. With this, you can be sure that every photograph you take will look fantastic.
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Theme Park Tickets : 2 for 1 Theme Park Vouchers or Discount Tickets

No doubt the 2006 season at the theme parks in England will be little different from 2005 in that there will be numerous offers from the theme parks to induce you to attend. The favourite method , particularly from Tussauds, who own Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventure and Thorpe Park is the 2 for 1 voucher. 2 for 1 vouchers will be popping up everywhere from the Sun newspaper to tins of beans. And of course these appear to be very good news. A free ticket to your favourite theme park! Hey, who can say no to that? Well before you get the scissors out to clip out the vouchers this year, here are a few things to consider before deciding whether 2 for 1 theme park tickets will really save you money.
1. You will be required to buy 1 full price adult ticket for each "free" ticket you get. This can often eliminate any savings, since a full price adult ticket bought at the turnstiles might be twice the price of a similar theme park ticket purchased from discount vendors such as Loial Travel. Do the sums first to see whether 2 for 1 vouchers will really save you money or not.
2. The "free" theme park ticket is often available only for children. Given that you have to buy a full priced adult ticket, how much are you saving? Check out what a child's ticket would cost you at a discount seller and you may find you are throwing money away by using a 2 for 1 ticket.
3. You can usually only use one voucher per transaction, so if you have a large group then buying discount theme park tickets will often work out cheaper than using a 2 for 1 voucher.
4. To use your 2 for 1 vouchers you have to queue at the turnstiles. This can often be a long and frustrating experience that will cut the time you spend in the theme park. If you buy discounted tickets from someone like Loial Travel, you can usually take your booking confirmation email and go straight to pick your tickets up at the advance booking office.
5. Check the times when you can use the vouchers. Theme parks use 2 for 1 vouchers to fill the parks on days when demand is low. This often means school days. Check the small print (the VERY small print) to ensure you can use the vouchers on the days you want to go.
The author is webmaster of Loial Travel and the U.K. Theme Park Blog
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